Scarlett 7 Speed Electric Hand Mixer


Simple and easy to use hand mixer


220-240V 7 Speeds Adjustable Handheld Electric Egg Beater
Specification :
7 speed control
Simple and easy to use
Easy to remove blades
Easy to clean plastic body

Multifunctional whisk, a good helper for baking
7 speeds to quickly beat eggs, butter, chocolate, mixing flour, seasoning…
*1-2 files
Mixed dry flour
*3 gears
Stir in ingredients such as salads/condiments
*4 gears
Beat the eggs and flour
*5 gears
Suitable for butter/sugar, etc.
*6-7 files
Beat eggs, stir mashed potatoes, etc.


1. One key to return the stick
Exquisite and chic

2. Standing design
It can be placed in a standing stand after stirring, so there is no need to worry about the stirring rod dirtying the table.

3. Powerful Motivation, Instant Protein Dispatch
High speed, continuous and rapid delivery of egg whites to fluffy, saving worry and effort.

4. Double rod mixing/multi rod configuration
The 304 stainless steel wire rod for food contact with whirlwind egg beating doubles the efficiency and reduces the time spent.

5. Pure copper silent motor
Quiet operation and longer service life.

6.—Key-back stick, convenient replacement
Humanized design, easy to take out the stirring rod, simple disassembly, and more convenient cleaning.

7. Fast heat dissipation
Isolate the hot air flow and quickly dissipate the heat dissipation air duct design, quickly take away the heat and protect the motor.

8. Comfortable handle
The grip is not sore, and the egg beating is easier.

9. Multi-channel cooling
Dissipate heat quickly and extend the life of the machine.


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