Cakemart.ng is the largest online market for cake lovers in Nigeria. We have bakers (all over Nigeria) who has partnered with to us provide you with all the baked products you need. This is the One-Stop  online market place you have been looking for.

We provide you with: Cakes | Pastries | Baking Tools | Baking Articles | etc

No, we don’t.

Cakemart has community of bakers in diverse locations in the country. For baked consumables, all you have to do is place your order and we will contact our baker closest to your location to make the deliver to you at the comfort of your home. For bakers purchasing baking tools, your order will be delivery to you at the estimated delivery date on your order dashboard.

You have to make payment to complete your order.

If you are a Baker and you want to sell on cakemart.ng, simply join our community of bakers. Register via https://cakemart.ng/cakemart-bakers-community/ or send a request to [email protected].

For inquires or request, you can contact us via:

Email:  [email protected]
Call: +234 814 130 2019

Very easy

Your product will be ready for pick-up or delivery based on your preference. As for the time frame, the time allotted to make each product differs hence delivery time will be displayed on your order dashboard. You can also set your preferred delivery time.

You can’t get scammed

You are paying to Cakemart and we are responsible for your order, All bakers in our baker’s community had to undergo series of test and training so your can be sure we will deliver above your expetation. If at all you don’t get your product in time a guaranty of you getting refund in just few days. With Cakemart, your best interest is our priority

Cakemart provide the widest range of coverage, serving you with the best and most trusted bakers in Nigeria. In this sense,  you can order from anyplace all over the Nigeria, and we link our closest baker to you who takes the order and deliver to you.

We are the No.1 cake platform in Nigeria, building our image is at heart.

Yes, we do,

We can also provide baked products for your special events

Of course

Not only do we sell baked products, we also help writers publish articles that are related to baking. You can send your article to [email protected] for publication.